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Album Review: BØRNS Creates An Electric Church For Blue Madonna

BØRNS’ Blue Madonna may be his sophomore attempt, but it feels beyond a second try to impress. After his stellar, first album, Dopamine, BØRNS is like a house-hold name; an artist with multiple hits and an image of an eccentric with mass appeal/ fabulosity. Thus, Blue Madonna picks up the momentum of his 2014 debut, to show that 2018 will only double in excitement.
BØRNS – Faded Heart

Blue Madonna plays with BØRNS’ music dreaminess by bringing elements of holiness and sinfulness. There is a natural androgenic/ cosmic look to BØRNS that makes him feel like the Millennial version of Ziggy Stardust. Thus, as tracks like “Supernatural”, “Sweet Dreams”, and “Second Night of Summer” begin to play with keys that twinkle like stardust, you imagine you have entered Ziggy’s moonage daydream. There you dance and play to BØRNS version of eternity.
BØRNS – Sweet Dreams (Audio)

While most artists aim for beauty, BØRNS aims for vividness. He might as well be Van Gogh with how he splashes lyrics with vocal colorfulness. There is no denying that BØRNS has one of the most distinctive voice in the music industry, and can hit a high note better than most artists. That capacity/ range allows him to ring emotions like bells in songs such as, “God Save Our Young Blood (ft. Lana Del Rey)”, “Man”, and “We Don’t Care” that summon youth to rid themselves from the chains of older, negative thoughts. In the same way, we can inherit our parents’ love, we can also inherit their backwards or negative thinking. Yet, BØRNS is always about being forward, and, by giving his sound a more dramatic soundscape, he transforms Blue Madonna into an Electric Church for those with a “Faded Heart”.
BØRNS, Lana Del Rey – God Save Our Young Blood (Audio)

I have to admit that BØRNS’ Blue Madonna has made me incredibly excited for music in 2018. If this is the sonic beginning of the year, then things are looking up. Yet, BØRNS’ Blue Madonna is not only a sign that exceptional music is on its way; it is also a cue of some messages and music choices I expect to hear throughout the new year. From “Iceberg” to “Bye Bye Darling”, the album plays with the clashing ways we define grandeur and gloom. The difference is important because, nowadays, there so much information that, even if its wrong, it still get pushed forward as if its right. Thus, it makes senses that BØRNS’ would turn to fantastical instrumentals that make him sound like a shaman in the Temple of Pop-Rock; this world needs a revival! For More Information on BØRNS and To Buy Blue Madonna on January 12 Click Here.
BØRNS – I Don’t Want U Back (Audio)

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