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Artists To Watch in 2018: Cherry Pools Delivers Cherry Dreams

Under the influence of Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Justice, MGMT, Tame Impala, and more, the four-piece, now known as Cherry Pools, arrived at a creative cross-section of inspirations. Those are some hefty creatives that they have chosen as music influences, but they have something in common that could also be seen in the band’s name change. Though once called Curses, Cherry Pools have followed the steps of their inspirations to create an image of being young, fun, and joyful against adversity. 
Cherry Pools – Forever Young

We all face adversity in life. Suffering is as inherent to living as happiness. They both play roles in every second of your existence, and Cherry Pools aims to make music that shows you have a choice: further the joy or further the pain. In their debut single, “Forever Young”, they sing not only to the desire of being forever young, but also the feeling of eternity you have when your young, especially in love. The reason it is so great and difficult to be youthful is because nothing feels temporary. A good day and a bad one feel like they can last forever, but there is a beauty to that distorted sense of time. In forgetting  that life is not fleeting, you oddly feel invincible and invest more fully in things like, relationships. Hence, their electro-guitars and drums chew on acoustics like it was a bubblegum stick of energy.

Even in their video, Cherry Pools makes youthfulness feel like the greatest, most colorful experience of your life. Martin Broda’s voice is like its own wave amongst the synths and chords in his backdrop. You just want to ride his vocals as he falls in love. Add that the video feels splashy and even cherry in flavor (#lollipops), and you want follow Cherry Pools in whatever “happy cool-aid” they are drinking. It is a great and smart transition to go from Curses to Cherry Pools, especially in this 2018. By the looks of this year, more  people are going to be looking up for positivity to look forward in their present. For More Information Cherry Pools Click Here. 




































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