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Concert Review: Joywave Bring Content To Bowery Ballroom

I have to ask a band if headlining makes them think or feel differently compared to opening. Just a few months ago Joywave was the first opener at Summerstage; flash forward a few months and they were the final act in their sold-out show at Bowery. Yet, this time they brought a whole new level of theatricality and tv screens to their excellent show.
Joywave – It’s A Trip! (Official Video)

Joywave’s Content was one of the best album of the year. Beneath its exhilarated, pop anthems were messages and mental pushes to analyze how we receive the influx of content. Everywhere we go there is a message, and how that affects the very messages we wish to send about ourselves became pronounced in songs such as, “Rumors”, “Shutdown”, and “Doubt”. Thus, a theme that felt more veiled in recording came to life in concert, thankfully, to a set of cool, computer screens. I have never seen computers behind an act range and meet every sound so beautifully, but that is the point of giving a show; to give the crowd something new. There videos and poignant cartoons played on to be un-packed and connected to their musical plots. It was an enamoring affect that played as a whimsical contrast to the humor of lead singer, Daniel Armbruster. I have raved about him before, and will do so again.
Joywave – Somebody New (Official Video)

Armbruster is hilarious. Blessed with a voice that knows how simmer and soar through songs like, “It’s A Trip” and “Somebody New”, but also gifted at giving a laugh and presence. From joking about opening for Spiderman to throwing himself across the stage as if his own music had grabbed and tossed him around like a puppet, you felt like you were watching a whirling dervish. Even when he was still, he could not stop moving the crowd. You wanted to watch him, and relish his vocals as they amped the fun of life and love but also its manipulative nature, “Little Lies You’re Told”. Ultimately, message and fun was received as Joywave made you observe Content by giving a show worthy of attention and analysis. For More Information Joywave Click Here.
Joywave – Content (Official Audio)