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Artists To Watch In 2018: Dizzy Makes You Feel Light

Sometimes, bands actually represent their name perfectly. Of course, nobody ever wants to be dizzy. Yet, Dizzy’s music is a representation of feeling light. The take all the “Stars And Moons” in your head, and create music that makes you float through your tensions. 

Made up of brothers Charlie, Alex, and Mackenzie Spencer and their friend Katie Munshaw, there is a closeness to their sound that may be because their is a closeness to their hearts. They are, literally, family! This explains why their music is both intimate, soft, and eager to surpass any stress with the love of another. Of course, the Canadian group is not without their notes of relationship disappointments. Their song “Stars And Moons” is literally about realizing a good relationship  has turned into a bad one. We can all understand that transition, and Katie makes sure to keep her vocals gentle and plush so as to capture the sensitivity of this reality. 

In these times, people need to be sensitive, but also be balanced. Hence, 2018 sounds like a good year for Dizzy’s dream-pop sound. I expect that this year, in both music and motivations, people are going to be looking for something that makes them feel light without denying that their is darkness.  For More Information On Dizzy Click Here. 

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