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Artist To Watch In 2018: Sonder Is Turning Love Into An R&B Epic

Throughout January I have made it MY RESOLUTION! to feature artists that I love, and know/pray for an amazing 2018 for them. The first artists I pick fo the year  are Sonder whose collaborative effort is spiritual in affect, and their EP, Into, is nothing less than beautiful. 
Sonder – Too Fast

Each member of Sonder is an artist to watch in and of itself. Brent Faiyaz’s A.M. Paradox has LITERALLY soundtracked my life. Yet, when these three R&B kings unite, Brent Faiyaz, Atu, Dpat, I swear it is BIBLICAL! Having released their debut single, Too Fast, Sonder has shown they are aiming for more than just “R&B songs”; they are going for R&B EPICS! Faiyaz voice shows that pain can be sung to with vocal lightness. It is rare that a group creates love symphonies to represent how relationships both humble and exhilarate you.

From “Feel” to “Sirens”, you cannot help but listen in as every vocal and instrumental to hear the pulse of self-reflection. It could be why they arrange their tracks to have a level of complexity, while their hooks and verse are crisp and concise. Love makes you feel surrounded by a universe, while also making you feel simple. All you want is love, but, sometimes, you get everything else but this virtue. For More Information on Sonder Click Here. 

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