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Artists To Watch In 2018: Liza Anne Is My Spirit Guide

Liza Anne is NOT a new artist, but she is one that I will watch in 2018, 2019, 2020, and forever. This woman is my spirit guide because of her emotional honesty.  Suffering from panic anxiety disorder, Liza Anne creates more than songs; she makes confessionals. 

In the midst of break-ups and the uncertainty of young adulthood, Liza created gritty, pop melodies that confronted her fears. Like any emerging adult, it is not easy to accept that growing up also means growing in problems. You get something better to have another thing get worse, and the constant exchanges can break a young heart/ mind. Mental health and clarity are not always accessible when another “the one” walks away, and your career dreams feel slightly nightmarish in reality. Thus, Liza makes pop more then just sonically relevant; she makes it spiritually so.

Liza Anne shows that mass appeal is not always about sound as much as spirit. For this 2018, I hope more artists like Liza Anne rise on people’s radar. Not only for the artist’s benefit, but also the audience’s. We need more artists whom are open with uglier feelings, but also talented enough to make beautiful music with them. Compassion is love’s response to pain, and she makes you feel it. For More Information on Liza Anne Click Here.  

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