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Artists To Watch In 2018: Supa Bwe Raps To Those That Do Not Fit In

I first heard of Supa Bwe with his single, “I Hate Being Alive”. The statement, alone, could make a person want to sage a room. It is a tragic note for a time when harsh topics like, suicide and self-medication are rising to the forefront of needed conversations. Thus, Chicago Rapper Supa Bwe is leading talks with his music.

For Supa Bwe, it has never been easy for him to fit in; a fact he has used in his “emo-raps”. For him, music “represents my inability to fit in no matter where I am, be it the hood, the burbs, or anywhere in between. I feel like a spaceman, and as a black American, get treated as such”.  Hence, his debut, Finally Dead, is more than a Hip Hop album; it is a hidden PSA. Sure, you will get your “bops” that will have you jamming such as, “Black Goku (I Really Like You)”,”Wok Wok” Ft. Juju, and “Supa‘s Sweater Song”. Yet, do not let Supa Bwe’s eclectic instrumentals haze you from his verses/ verbosity. This man wants to say something, and has the voice to do so.

From “Still Can’t Find Happiness” and “Down Comes the Spaceman”, whether he uses symbolism or straight truth, Supa Bwe has found a connection between being a social outcast and feeling spiritually excluded. This may not seem like societal “rocket science”; when you do not fit in the world, you tend to feel like you want to leave it. Yet, as Supa Bwe flows from inner rage to revelatory insightfulness, you begin to see the nuances of this connection. Moreover, his ability to  ebb between vocal calm and vocal chaos, helps him elaborate his more important gripe; if we all see the connection, why are we choosing to be blind to it. For  Information on Supa Bwe Click Here. 





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