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Artists To Watch In 2018: The Howlin Souls Want To Start A Rock Revolution

Howlin Souls self-titled EP is a splashy debut in a time when many artists feel torn: go with the old or bring in the new. This new year promises growth of this dilemma between musicians that looks to music’s classic, past roots to define their present sound, and those that see futurism as their soundscape. It seems like a  natural challenge because music reflects life. In our current state, people either want to book it to the future or time travel to the past, and Howlin Souls are time traveling.

Howlin Souls look to classic rock for their  sound domain. If you loved the 70’s era of hair as long as guitar strings, and the capacity to shake both like you were trying to make them feel, then you will love this rising band.  Tracks like, “Viva La Revolucion” and “Free And Young” revive that old-school, carefree spirit that did not think about how they left others crossed. Why? Because that spirit is, finally, thinking for itself, which is something people want to do more than ever….. think for themselves. If music/ Howlin Souls can make a rock n’ roll prediction for 2018, it is that more people are going to start seeking their own thoughts.

With wailing guitars and rolling drums behind him, Pete Smith sound like a vocal trumpet; calling everyone to unchain themselves. Yet, despite all my “serious analysis”, there sound is based in fun, which does not deny irony. Usually, we rise up because we feel the fun of our life has been taken/ lost, and the Howlin Souls are returning it. For More Information On Howlin Souls Click Here. 

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