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Artists To Watch 2018: Au/Ra Is Ready To Clean Any Negative Aura

Ahhhhh, yes! If there is one thing, I enjoy doing/ find necessary its cleaning my chakras. It is not a hidden fact that I love the spiritual/ holistic life, but elevating or cleansing your spirit does not mean denying negativity. It means transforming it to positivity, which calls for some confrontation. Au/Ra is rising the ranks of artists to watch because she has no qualms embracing her loneliness, which makes her connect to the masses. 
Au/Ra – Outsiders (Official Video)

Loneliness is such a strange feeling. It might be the most common sentiment next to love, but, rarely, is it shared. No one goes out saying, “Hey, I AM LONELY!”. Enter Au/Ra to create music that confronts loneliness for what it is: isolated people. “Concrete Jungle”, “Outsiders”, and “Kicks” are just a few of her debuting tracks that have a core message; stop hiding. With a voice that is crystal clear, this message soars in command and depth. Why run off to the spiritual woods, we feel society’s darkness builds for us? Instead, come forward, face the world, and show that it can do better with its nature. 
Concrete Jungle – Lyric Video

For being young, Au/Ra’s image splashes between wisdom that is beyond her age, but also beyond the cosmos. There is something ethereal to her grunge look, and desire to present herself as an outcast that oddly seems like all of us. Thus, there is an irony to Au/Ra’s sound and symbols: for however much she feels distant from the world, she is closest to our hearts. This new year, 2018, feels like a good one for Au/Ra, particularly, because she sings to the “misfit” in all of us that tussles between wanting to “fit in” with the crowd and wanting to build and lead its own group. For More Information On Au/Ra Click Here. 

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