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Concert Review: RJD2 Brings The Heat To Winter At Brooklyn Bowl

I first heard of RJD2 in season 1 of Broad City. I mention this because you KNOW someone is good if there song, seemingly, elevates you to go from your TV screen to your mp3 one. This move involves RESEARCH, PEOPLE! You have to really like something or, at least, be curious enough to decide to investigate it. RJD2 peaked my sonic intrigue, and, at Brooklyn Bowl, he did not disappoint. 

Dear DJ’s of the world, if you are looking for something beyond strobe lights to elevate you performance game: try a live band! Yes, I know these two entities seemingly clash, but when RJD2’s mixes met with those drums and guitar, I thought I had heard the best collaboration my life. The digital world of computerized orchestras had met with the real world of live, “in the moment” instrumentals. It was buttons versus baselines, and no one could call a winner. Well, maybe, the winners of the night could be Jordan Brown and Sugar Tongue Slim who ripped verses, notes, and pure energy like they were planks of wood nailed to the floor. Their bare, raw talent emanated from the stage to up the already calm/ excited dynamic. For a night, people were okay to be happy, and comfortable with showing and staying in it for all its worth. The way these worlds met was perfect for the atmosphere that is Brooklyn Bowl. 
RJD2 – The Sheboygan Left (Official Music Video)

Brookyn Bowl is a bowling alley with a huge dancefloor (AND REALLY GOOD FRIED CHICKEN!). The dynamic between all these different energies made for a really fun/ shameful calorie intake of a night. As New York was chilled like, someone could put a city in a freezer, people were dancing to RJD2’s mix set/ live band, as if we had not entered the room with, at least, 20 or more layers of clothing. With every track, we felt like we could run through the city as if it had entered an eternal summer. Thus, I realized the magic of RJD2, as a DJ, is that he makes music leap from being sonically bound to mentally. 
STS x RJD2 – “Hold On, Here It Go” (Official Video)

From television to mp3 or from concert to mind, RJD2’s mixes exhilarate your imagination. His music makes you feel as if your mind is dancing with your body. Every move you make in the physical world is sparked by a thought or vision you had in your mindful one. People closed their eyes, waved their hands, and shook their bodies as if a dancefloor was simply a swimming pool made of people. Each person swayed and swished from the genuine pleasure that is a good soundscape. For More Information On RJD2 Click Here. 

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