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Album Review: EMAEL Make Your Spirit Feel Like Glasswork

Emael’s Glasswork is, literally, like its title. Each track feels like glass being molded by the stringed ambers of humanity’s fiery spirit. Sometimes, I really do love my species. We are so vast in our capacity, which is why it is so tragic that we place caps on ourselves. Thus, Emael makes music asking you to go though life’s fire and crystallize your heart.

In perspective, it is a beautiful idea. Your trials are like fire trying to mold the glass of your spirit into art. Hence, Glasswork is sonically stunning in how it burns and cools music to form a soul. Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess’ leads you through songs “Sick Bastard”, “Icarus”, and “The Chain” with a falsetto that cuts through their elaborate, sonic backdrops.

EMAEL are fantastic musicians, but Glasswork shows they are also inventive ones. As seen in my U.S. Girls review, there are differences between those with talent and creatives. While anyone can learn to play an instrument; a music genius is someone that elevates their chords and keys into visual spaces. EMAEL does that by the droves. “Wannabe”, “Umbra”, and “Helix” warp, zoom, melt, and sparkle with rhythms that make you feel as if you are, literally, working with glass. Their instrumentals are delicate, firm, and beautiful as they move around to process that life, itself, is a process.

Though every human being is cosmically created, you decide how you are personally made. We may be, literally, made of stardust, but how we shine is both, unfortunately and fortunately, up to us. I say unfortunately because Emael lyrically display that we can be our own worst enemy. Yet, I say fortunately because they show, when we decide to be our own friend, we are unstoppably magnificent like, Glasswork. To Buy Emael’s Glasswork on February 16 Click Here.

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