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Album Review: Marlon Williams Makes You Make Way For Love

Marlon Williams is a refreshing, old soul. He sings to modern relationships and their complexities as if he were a 1950’s pop artist. In his new album, MAKE WAY FOR LOVE, you dance under bright, cellphone lights with your “dream lover”, and drive away in a Cadillac-Uber to, hopefully, better destinations.

I saw Marlon Williams concert, and this new album is, definitely, a reflection of his person. On one hand, he is a young guy trying to figure out relationships as a Millennial riding through tech-waves. Then, on the other hand, he is an classic spirit who believes in the sophistication and romance of coupling. In essence, he is like a superb gentleman that texts you sweet nothings, and sends you e-flowers (lol!). Yet, that is love in the modern era; no kiss goes without a screen. Thus, you sway to the haunting, piano ballad “Love Is A Terrible Thing”, you feel like you have entered a Western draw during “Can I Call You“, and stroll on a synth-beach that is “The Fire of Love”.
Marlon Williams – Come to Me (Official Video)

With how Williams changes the tempos and textures of his songs, you feel like you are watching an HBO series that follows the escapades of a young, 21st century man trying to find a timeless love. From “Party Boy” to “What’s Chasing You”, Williams puts into lyrics the raw fun and instability of being twenty-something and dating. You laugh, cry, dream, and cringe as he sings to the truest, youthful statements like, “I Didn’t Make A Plan” and “Nobody Gets What They Want”. These are more than just tracks; they are truths.
Marlon Williams – What’s Chasing You (Official Video)

Having a voice that sounds like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley had a vocal baby transforms Williams into a singer for every generation. Thus, in truth and tone, Marlon Williams sounds timeless. Make Way For Love takes on a new life through Williams rich, “legendary-esque” vocals, and charming capacity to stay open to love when it both enlightens and fools you, all at once. This feel-good listen comes out on February 16. Click Here For More Information on Marlon Williams and To Buy Make Way For Love.
Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore (with Aldous Harding) (Official Video)

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