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Album Review: Negash Ali Gives Sonic Ascension Against Arrogance

Negash Ali can SPIT A RHYME! His flows feel as instantly legendary as Kanye’s College Dropout, Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP, or Nas’ Stillmatic. You know that you are hearing a voice that is not only socially mindful; it is spiritually awakening. Negash Ali’s The Ascension is that sonic awakening.

Sure, Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar are “woke”, and their massive fame has come from their eternally thoughtful commentaries on a society that seems stagnant in humanity. Yet, I am convinced it is not only their thought, but the literal sound of their voice that charms you to hear their mind. Ali has a voice that feels as classic as Chuck Berry and as gutting as Tupac. He manages to capture you with an “old-school” vibratto, but a forceful, confronting tone. He IS NOT the one to mess with, but, like every human being, there are those who try.

Born in a refugee camp after his 16 year old mother fled conflict in their home country of Eritrea, Negash grew up in Denmark, and gained critical acclaim across Europe for his capacity to bridge club tracks and consciousness. Listening to The Ascension, you are fascinated by Negash’s ability to sing emboldening tracks like, “Slave To Be A King” , “Mirrors”, “Heavy- Hearted”, and “Stars Line Up”. Yet, he goes on to eviscerate mics and obliterate egos to eat them like cereal in songs such as, “Aviating”, “Fuck Up”, and “Big Dick”. Like the many, mythic Hip Hop stars I named, Negash Ali displays the fights we have to stay humble, focused, and generous when the arrogant challenge our being.

From governments to men, Negash Ali understands that egotistical systems and individuals will always challenge your soul, but if you fight them with your ego, you might lose your spirit. Thus, in verses and sounds, Ali’s The Ascension sounds more like a fight to rise above those that try to bring you down. It is not simply that he is ascending to a higher place, but maintaining that he remain highly against all challengers. He throws his lyrics like punches, and delivers a sonic back-drop that is the equivalent of a boxing ring. Baselines roll with hits and synth-waves box in as Negash Ali vocally proves he is a champion. For More Information on Negash Ali and To Buy The Ascension on February 16 Click Here.

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