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Album Review: U.S. Girls Turns Life Into A Poem Unlimited

A poem is a metered verse meant to imagine and elaborate the essence of humanity. Its rhythm is actually a bounce-pad for its comments on life. I described what a poem is because U.S. Girls’ A Poem Unlimited expresses how life is a lyrical journey that never stops, but can be heightened into a work of art.

U.S. Girls is 100% an artist. While many musicians pride themselves on their capacity to make music, U.S. Girls, or rather Meg Remy, revels in her inventiveness. She observes music as a creative craft more than a talent, which is why A Poem Unlimited feels so visual, intimate, and open for interpretation. Like any work of art, you hear her songs, and walk away with different meanings depending on what you feel or are going through at the time. This explains why A Poem Unlimited will grow on you because you will grow through it.

Tracks like,”Rosebud”, “Pearly Gates”, and “Time” are pop-art galore. Similar to Fischerspooner’s Sir, U.S. Girls truly wants to transport you into a painting of life. Rhythms are simply oiled colors dripping and splashing upon your canvased ears to make you see through listening. For Ms. Remy, the goal is to make you witness the internal revolutions of a self-exploring spirt. From “Rage of Plastics” to “Incidental Boogie”, she takes 60’s synth-pop on an instrumental acid trip. Every chord, key, and waning drum is meant to induce a vision, and Remy’s assures it is a soft one.

Acid Trips can be dangerous because they can go really dark. Yet, U.S. Girls has managed to musically transform this trip into a beautiful, guaranteed growing experience. I absolutely adore how unique, sultry, and vibrant A Poem Unlimited is as a record. Through “M.A.H”, “Velvet For Sale”, and “Poem” you swim through U.S. Girls’ illustrations, and how Remy’s voice gently draws the ups and downs finding your inner stillness and identity. Though we grow as people, there is a foundation within all of us that assures we remain light, and that life is merely about making choices to grow lighter. For More Information On U.S. Girls And To Buy A Poem Unlimited on February 16 Click Here.

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