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Album Review: Washed Out Turns Listeners Into Mister Mellow

The irony of closing your eyes is that you might see more. When we close our eyes, our brain furthers its “imagination” portion, and out of emotional responses we begin to picture things. What we see my have a sentimental or creative source, which is why our “visions” can go crazy in ironic reaction to our literal loss of vision. Washed Out’s Mister Mellow feels like what happens when you begin to see with your mind.

Listening to Washed Out’s Mister Mellow makes me wonder if someone looked into his brain would they find rainbows, unicorns, and the ultimate, life source. Tracks such as, “Flowed By” , “Down And Out”, and “Million Miles Away” complete the bridge between dreamscape and soundscape. Moreover, they embody a Millennial sentiment; floating. For most of us, we are just floating through our days, dreams, and plans pondering which one will fulfill us emotionally. From jobs to friends, it is when you are young to feel like you are hamster circling the wheel of life, and, for all your movement, you just stay in place. Yet, again, music and dreams, move our mind to places/ sentimental destinations we wish to enter. Songs such as, “Hard To Say Goodbye” and “Zonked” used groves keys and clouded synths to make listeners feel like their soul is breezing through life. Hence, listeners feel torn between the shock-sways that will run through their feet pushing them to move, and the lax vocals and vibrations of Washed Out’s voice. He never strains or stresses his voice; simply saying and singing lyrics like, he were a poet thinking of a sonnet on the spot. The approach furthers the ease of Mister Mellow, but  Washed Out as a  leader of chill-wave pop music.

Washed Out knows how to make relaxation sound like an adventure. His music crosses lying down on your couch with running through a forest of wild trees and potential aliens. Yes, I said aliens. This artist has no problem drawing out the eclectic of electro music. For More Information Washed Out And To Buy Mister Mellow Click Here.