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Album Review: Fischerspooner Make You Call Your Nightlife “Sir”

Listening to Fischerspooner’s new album, Sir, is like walking into an NYC pop-art gallery. Each track feels like an industrialized painting with a Humans of New York story attached under it. The starry duo of Warren Fischer and singer Casey Spooner have always created music that is distinct and distinguished in their electric, synth-waved seediness. Sir is a confident record on their known, music mischief.

“Everything Is Just Alright”, “Strut”, and “Dark Pink” will make you feel like you are walking down a dark stairwell into an underground club/ world. I can, personally, attest to the many times I had to do this at an NYC club, and wondered, “Is this safe?”. Fischerspooner plant their digi-beats like steps, one right after the other, and each makes you feel both freer and unsafer. After all, being wild or being bold has never been known as being stable or being serious. Yet, it is a serious move to have fun, which is why you cannot help to dance to their darkened explorations on human natures, i.e. “Oh Rio (ft Holly Miranda)” or “I Need Love”
Fischerspooner – Togetherness feat. Caroline Polachek (Official Video Fischer Edit) [Ultra Music]

From “Discreet” to “TopBrazil” or “Butterscotch Goddam (ft Johnny Magee)” to “Togetherness ft (Caroline Polachek)” show how, often, human beings describe their truest identity with “shame”, “guilt”, and even “judgement”. This could explain why we, often, overthink our nights of fun, and get anxious over whether even our laughs are “too much” or our smiles “over-bearing”. We make the worst of us a given, but the best of us an anomaly. Thus, Fischer arranges the instrumentals to have a sexualized, erotic tone; as if each chord was a dropped article of clothing or, better yet, a removed layer of fakery. From our nightly adventures to our daily connections, Fischerspooner subtly observe that the deepest, truest moments of human lives are when we take action and either succeed or fail. Thus, why do so many individuals solely try to stay as “bystanders”.
Fischerspooner – Butterscotch Goddam feat. Johnny Magee (Cover Art) [Ultra Music]

There is NOTHING about Sir that plays to staying on “sidelines”. Spooner’s lush, seductive voice might as well be a midnight radio host urging you to give into joyful temptations because not every tantalizing desire is meant to pull you into darkness. Sometimes, the temptations we most fight are the ones that would give us a raw joy. Hence, you listen to Spooner as he describes the rises and falls of characters that did not understand what allures you is not meant to terrify you. On the contrary, you can learn as much from the happiness you surrender to then from the suffering you absorb. For More Information on Fischerspooner or to buy Sir on February 16 Click Here.
Fischerspooner – “Have Fun Tonight” (Official Music Video)

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