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Artist Close-Up: Loma Create A Lyrical Dance With Darkness

If darkness could have a lyrical dance, it would be to Loma’s self-titled debut. You simply imagine a black orb swindling and swinging throughout every track trying to decide; do I truly like my darkness or have found giving in to be easier? It is a pertinent question, particularly, for these times.

As scary as it is, some people are not misunderstood; some are simply bad. Yet, most of us, struggle to decipher which one are we, and, I believe, it is because we have that struggle we know we are good. “Dark Oscillations”, “Shadow Relief”, and “Black Willow” creep and soar like angel wings sifting through a soul’s dirt. They are sonically beautiful, but murky, especially since Emily Cross, Jonathan Meiburg, and Dan Duszynski meld their voices like they are doing a summoning ritual. It makes sense considering that trying to figure out if you are good is like pulling for light within yourself.

Tracks such as, “White Glass”, “Jornada”, and “Sundogs” are tribalistic and earthy in their instrumentals, which furthers that Loma is a spiritually artful delve into “uneasy listening”, as the band would call it. This trio’s aim is to create music that hypnotizes with beating drums, fuzzed chords, and forested synths that make you feel lost in your attempt to be found. Is that not the spiritually irony of life? We, usually, are closer to figuring ourselves out or being better when we, truly, believe we are lost. Leave it to Cross’ soft, pillowed voice to rest your head upon this truth and enter a “loma”, which is what I now call a dark, but necessary journey into finding light. To Buy Loma’s Loma on February 16 Click Here.

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