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Artist Close-Up: Starcrawler Are Ready To Light Up Rough Trade NYC

Starcrawler live and breathe in sonic delinquency. They are a music promotion of rebellion that we need in these times. Maybe, if people got a little bolder, rather than hateful, the world would be a happier place. This seems to be the mindset of their debuts and notorious live shows.

Starcrawler’s self-titled debut feels like their drove through Fast Times At Ridgemont High and decided to light it up like Apocalypse Now. They have sonically compacted youthfulness and angst into three minute opuses on why you hate others, think you are right, and simply want a FUN F**KING TIME! Some say the young are arrogant, and diminish their desires and intelligence for their inexperiences, but Starcrawler shows it is the tenacity of youth to experience all that makes them confident. Arrow de Wilde’s, in particular, amp up the universal mischief that bonds us to our inner wild child. 
Starcrawler – I Love LA

“I Love L.A”, “Let Her Be”, “Chicken Woman”, and “Tears” both brazenly and humorously sings to the wild mistakes and odd wisdom we gain when we boldly embrace life. There is A NO SHAME POLICY to their style, which translates in their epic shows. While their raucous punk transforms them in the Millennial version of The Ramones, in concert, they becomes the equivalent of fire; sparking you to burn any over-thoughts. Thus, checkout their Rough Trade Show on February 16 and have fun! Click Here For More Information on Starcrawler.
Starcrawler – Let Her Be

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