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Album Review: Gibbz Makes Electro-Soul In “Oh My God”

Its clear I like Gibbz. I was so impressed with his concert that his Oh My God EP became a must, especially comparatively. Luckily, Gibbz has mastered the rare but treasured gift of sounding as good live as he does recorded. Yet, his rendition of electro-soul is distinct in comparison. Live, naturally, he is able to elaborate the soul aspect of his music with the playful prowess of his voice, but on the album he elevates its electro sonics.

Oh My God feels like a grouping of hits. Each song wraps you up like a synth-blanket to have Gibbz vocals rock you to sweet dreams. The EP begins perfectly with “Bright Lights”. This song sounds like it was made for the movie Flashdance. I just want to put on some pink sock-warmers, a neon leotard, and high-kick life. It is the perfect track to hear when you need a morning “pick me-up” for work. As Gibbz sings “Let’s Do It Right!”, you feel your motivation rise, and he leaves the lyrics ambiguous enough to apply the song to any situation.  The point is that whatever situation you need to approach, make sure the “bright lights”are kept on. This sentiment carries the entire album. Whether you are approaching a relationship, an issue, or even yourself,  Gibbz wants you to approach with the best version of yourself.

Let us be frank! It is not easy to make positivity sound sexy or cool. Yet, in songs like, “Oh My God” or  “Keep Dancing”, you cannot help to feel good about being good. Both tracks elaborate the importance of showing your love and attraction for another person, especially in terms of continuity. One “I love you!” will never compare to a million, or, in Gibbz case, one “Oh My God!” is nothing compared to 10 million. For him this phrase is the epitome of the breathlessness that passion can give when you really want your partner: body and soul. I can already hear people listening to this song, turning it up, and saying “Thank you, Jesus” for its smooth R&B instrumentals. Who knew a bassline could be sultry? While “Keep Dancing” has an equally enthralling bass, it feels like a track to exhilarate a person’s mind/ optimism for a relationship, while “Oh My God” is meant to make you ease down, light a scented candle, and call your lover. Still, Gibbz ends the album with a cooler, downtempo that turns the album into a fuller sonic ride.

Whether he wants to make you do 20 billion jumping jacks with a quick-techno beat or keep calm in a sweet synth-wave, Gibbz makes music for whatever mood. His track 24/7 makes the keyboard sound like a star-catcher, with Gibbz’s vocals adding to the twilighted sonics and message” “I’ll be your 24/7”. Once again, Gibbz elevates the importance of consistency in loving yourself and your partner so as to not end up in a situation like, “No More”. This song has a downtempo that makes me feel like Ryan Gosling in “Drive”, which is musically good and bad. While I can drive like “Knight Rider” to its 80’s kick-drum, lyrically, I end up only with my car because in “No More”, Gibbz declares he is not having anymore of love’s games. His vocals and range are as firm and wide as his resolve to have NO MORE manipulation. Yet, he finalizes the Oh My God EP with 24/7  to assure his music ends on a high note both vocally and in message.

Overall, Oh My God EP is a complete success. Gibbz has a voice made for R&B. He can sing a high note that pierces in love and hope, or give a low one that makes you feel the way your guts can turn in passion and pain. Either way, Gibbz IS quintessential soul, but having a natural talent for music production has allowed him to electrify that soul to sound like it is coming from the future. As an artist it is always musically attractive to sound ahead of the times, but only a true genius can accomplish such a distinguishing feat. Thus, to hear Gibbz’s brilliance and buy the Oh My God EP on December 16 Click Here.