Album Review: Taylor Jahn Will Make You Feel Love In “Hide Away”

Taylor Jahn is releasing his EP Hide Away on January 27, and I cannot help but feel like the sun will come out that day. The five-track EP has a brightness to it that feels like the sun warming you up even when Jahn’s songs can feel heated by love’s burns. Blessed with a voice that croons with yearning, Hide Away feels like an honest, sweet plea for the listeners to lend him their attention and, maybe, their hearts. 

Born in Oregon, Jahn seemed destined for music having the natural urge/talent to play. As he learned his chord progressions, he mastered that playing music also means expressing one’s soul, which you can hear in Hide Away. Jahn has a plethora of influences from B.B. King to Sara Bareilles, and having such a wide array of inspirers is what oddly makes his music come off so simple. Like these. artists and others such as, Ingrid Michaelson and Coldplay, Jahn simplifies the chords and focuses on his voice to bring music complexity. For him, it is not about vocal range as much as emotion because Hide Away is, in essence, a musical recapturing of love. If he is not falling madly in love “Slave To Your Love” or saying goodbye to its loss, “Keep Moving On”, Hide Away feels like five songs/letters dedicated to the many ways love captivates/ captures your life.

There is a reason that practically every song is dedicated to love; it is what makes your spirit feel alive. The greatest moments you will ever experience are the ones when you realize how much you love another person or rather how much he or she loves you. Realizing this fact, Taylor Jahn has put love into his lyrics, and displays its power to shape your life according to its both cruel and wondrous magic. Dedicating a record to the mot powerful sentiment of all explains why Jahn’s album comes off like the sun: it both warms and blazes you with the light that is this virtue. Moreover, Jahn’s voice is a perfect match for love. He can bring heartache and romance to his words because there is a theatricality to his vocals. I could not help but envision in songs such as, “Hide Away” and “Light Inside”, Jahn singing center stage but not in concert. His music feels as big and enlightened as theater lights because his voice has a quiet intensity that makes him come off like the protagonist of his album/ book.

While Hide Away may not have a storyline, when you hear Jahn you think it is his personal/character journey. He is going through each love plot with emotional waves that could give his voice a Tony. Such subtle acting will endear listeners whom enjoy a hint of drama when speaking on love because, frankly, love is the epicenter of all our storylines. Whether it is lifting or sinking us, love is what moves us, and Jahn, as a vocalist, emanates this truth. Thus, Hide Away is another step in his long, fruitful path in music. For More Information On Taylor Jahn Ann To Buy Hide Away On January 27 Click Here.