Song Review: Jade Jackson Makes You Want To Ride A “Motorcycle”

Meet Jade Jackson; the new signed songstress to Anti- Records. The prolific song-writer has managed to create a sound that is “old-world” rhythms to lyrics on being a young spirit. She combines 50’s/60’s blues chords with modern punk-pop to give you a breezy sound. Such an easy wind of music is perfect for her newest track, “Motorcycle”, which is about how, sometimes, you have to ride away from love.

If there is one thing that make you want to ride away, it is love, but whether it is riding to or from a lover is the roadblock. In “Motorcycle”, Jade has come to the conclusion that its time for her to hit the road, as she has officially met a “dead-end” in her relationship. Lyrically, she marvels at what she and her lover did to each other, in the relationship, that will soon be a memory she left in a previous road-stop. The imaginative reference is poignant in reminding everyone that life is a journey, in which people are the road-stops you that you pass to pick up some sustenance for the road. Yet, ultimately, her “motorcycle” only seats one, which means that, in the end, she rides her life’s journey on her own, which is true for everyone. No matter how much we love someone, every journey we take with a person is shared together; not unified into one. You still are two separate people choosing to be together, until one day, you are not. 
“Motorcycle” has just had its music video released, and I have to say the video matches the song well. Filmed in black and white, with close-ups to Jade singing with a slicked-back grace, the minimalist video does right to introduce the style of Ms. Jackson. She is not an artist that believes grand gestures show grand things. Instead, she believes small details have a bigger story, which is why you will find a subtle, winding ambiance to her music like, the cooling down from a rigorous sweat. In some ways, love’s relationships are like a hefty “workout”, where you push yourself to achieve fitting results, but realize not every “workout’ will leave you in better shape, which is why we change. Forgive my metaphorical references, but Jade is an artist that appreciates figurative language for very real, felt issues. She approaches her vulnerability with a haunting style that shows the feelings that weigh us down are like ghosts in a beautiful mansion; you have to decide whether a wondrous exterior can cover or overpower a darker interior. For More Information on Jade Jackson Click Here.