Song Review: FØRD Takes You To The Mysterious “Oblivion”

Hailing from the Byron Bay of New Wales, Australia, 18 year old FØRD is being compared to Flume for his ability to modernize pop & Hip Hop with futuristic electronica. How he makes the future seems so present can only be sourced to one thing: genius. FØRD has turned his talent into vision, and is starting to catch international ears through his massively appealing sound, as seen in his new “sure to be hit”: “Oblivion”. 
Modern pop meets mystery is how I would describe the dark-synth gem “Oblivion”. FØRD’s electronic arrangements make it sound as if you have entered a dimly-lit forest in another, colorful planet. The scenario is perfect for a song that, lyrically, discusses the ensuing “apocalypse” of a relationship. Every relationship has had a “moment” where it feels like a crater is aiming straight for its “home planet of love”. Whether it will hit, no one knows for sure, but the haunting voice of Rya Park sure makes you understand the rising fear.

Like FØRD, Rya Park  is also captivating listeners with her vocals that carry natural hints of somber and sultry. Both artists have managed to garner the industry’s attention because, for however much you compare them to others,  such as, FØRD to Flume, they are one of a kind. In “Oblivion” Park  makes even the lightest of vocal notes feel weighed by an “unknown”, which makes her perfect to elevate the strangeness  of “Oblivion”. The song has a blend of “tropical beats” with plush synths and a punching bassline that explains the “interplanetary” forest it builds in your mind; the song is like a distant, mysterious, but attractive land, which in some ways is what the future of a relationship feels like. Whether you relationship ends or gets better, the future can still carry a sense of hope for you as a person, and Park has a seductive, resilient range that makes her sights of her oncoming “love end” feel present in the dance waves of FØRD. For More Information On FØRD Click Here