Song Review: Gotta Wake Up Offers Linkin Park Vibes

The new single from Californian 4-piece Symmetry, is led by vocalist Mike Campbell whose powerful range is enlivened with passion that echoes Linking Park’s frontman Chester Bennington. I do not usually like to compare artists because each one has something unique to offer, but this compliment comes with my heart. Like Bennington, Campbell squeezes vocal notes like he is the first man to every get milk from a rock; giving sustenance from the roughest of sentiments.

Passion and delicacy is what drives alternative rock as a gentry for people to gently alleviate the, at times, darkness, of being a sentient human being. Thus, Symmetry’s newest track “Gotta Wake You Up” feels like a delicious throwback to the indie days when vocals were not always cool and calm, but carried a weight of emotions. As Campbell seethes over a potentially losing his lover because she lack self-love, every listener will sigh “Been there”. When your partner does not love him or herself it is exhausting, but, luckily the track is not! The band perfectly back Campbell with Jared Hara offering an enlightened guitar strum, Will Weiner intoxicates with a punching bass, and Max D’ Anda is basically the Commander In Chief of Drums. Together, they form a solid track, that will attract new fans and make old ones proud to have given their ears and hearts.

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