Album Review: Marching Church “Telling It Like It Is”

If Iggy Pop and Buddy Holly had a music child and that child married and had kids with Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley’s own musical child, their master creation would be Marching Church. That may be hard to imagine, but put your “dream caps” one and picture the vibrato, cool vocals of Mr. Holly matched with the 80’s carefree swag of Iggy Pop, and splash in Dylan and Buckley’s raw wonder for inner turmoil. Sounds like the most intriguing child, right? Well, it is, and you want to meet him through Marching Church’s Telling It Like It Is. The record blends the amazingness of these greats to give an album that dives into the seediness of being young.

 Images of youth are torn between carefree bliss and ragged debauchery, to which Telling It Like It Is plays to both versions of being young. Between its techno-driven, indie-rock beats and its vivid lyrics, you feel like you are listening to a ping-pong match between the darkness of your being versus its lightness. Through the sheer vibrations/ annotations of his voice, Marching Church makes sure that you know  the angelic/malicious sides of a being are having the match is of a lifetime.

Every human being is torn in a struggle between their self-destruction and their self-salvation, which can be heard in the gut-wrenching lyrics of Marching Church.  Songs like “Lion’s Den” and  “Achilles Heel” sound like they were made in a dark alley where you have hidden from your friends in the club to recuperate and question the night’s choices. These songs are the un-sobering confrontations people have with themselves that are filled with self-pity and a hidden desire/agenda to make yourself feel worse. Every person has had instances where they took a “spiritual bat” to their soul under the veil of trying to be realistic when, really, it is about being negative. There is no greater time when we are antsier and are harsher on ourselves over wrongful choices then when we are young, which makes sense. Yet, as Marching Church reveals being young, is also the highlight chapter of our good times.

Through enlivening lyrics, Marching Church feels like a mesh between Buckley and Dylan as they search for the Americana folk tales of clubbing. This artist is 100% based in the night of both a person’s day and soul. This is where the Holly/Iggy Pop comparison comes in with Marching Church representing the vibrancy of youth that teeters between careless and carefree. Either way, there is a swag to his voice that stylistically enrapture listeners, whom even if they do not condone his insecurities/ penchant for mischief, they will certainly want to hear about it.  For More Information On Marching Church and To Buy  Telling It Like It Is on October 28 Click Here.
Favorite Tracks:
Heart Of Life- with a 1950’s kick-drum and an old rocker drawl, Heart of Life is my top song choice of the record. It oozes with Marching Church’s charisma and lyrical prowess.

Up For Days- like its title this songs is a musically induced adrenaline rush. This track is dedicated to the moments when we wished and almost tried to assure the party never ended.