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Album Review: Mystery Skulls Shows The Urge To Escape Makes You “One of Us”

You ever see those movie scenes where a batch of friends are running through the streets happy; with no place to go beyond the feeling in their heart that it is time to move. I always love those scenes because they show a lightness to basic, human desire to simply go “somewhere”. We do not know where that “somewhere” is, but we are excited or feel it necessary to get there. Mystery Skulls’ new album, One Of Us, is a  dance of the dreamed destinations we have in life, and the desire we share to go to a better place. 
Mystery Skulls – Music (Official Music Video)

One of Us is a sonic tapestry of soul, house, disco, pop and R&B. It truly blends all these genres to have an addictive affect over listeners who will want to immerse their ears in its rhythms the same way fruit can be immersed in chocolate; the tastiness of nature is mixed with the deliciousness of what you can make. Mystery Skulls is actually Venezuelan, self-taught musician Luis Dubuc who has used music to adapt and alter the world he discovered when he immigrated to Dallas, Texas. Living above a video store, teaching himself English by consuming horror and sci-fi epics, Dubuc fused the idea of electro sounds with dystopian themes. Suddenly, Big Brother became a dance-floor topic thanks to Mystery Skulls ability to fuse humanity’s dreaminess its, at times, at darker realities. Waltzing to the bounced and brimmed instrumentals in tracks like, “Live Forever”, “Told Ya”, and “Erase Me” , you realize the brilliance of Mystery Skulls in creating beats that can make you groove to the idea feeling beaten. Hence, my previous scenario humanity’s desire to run, even to nowhere, because they need to feel somewhere new and fresh to all they have known. The whole point of dystopian themes is that individuals feel stuck in imposed routines and rulings, of which Mystery Skulls’ voice becomes a scaling hypnosis revolting against such ideas.
Mystery Skulls – Losing My Mind [Official Audio]

Mystery Skulls definitely took a page from the 80’s playbook in how to utter verses fro their sweet dramatics. “Endlessly”, “Follow You”, and “On Fire” glisten with glitter and nails or rather chords and synths that fall from the sky as Mystery Skulls clouds his voice with fearful seduction. After all, an urge to escape to escape the life you know, for however thrilling in feel, comes from a darker sense misplacement and misunderstanding. For Mystery Skulls, when you feel like you are “off” in where you should be in life than you are One of Us, and dance fusions are the only things, at times, that we can drink to break from reality’s more poisonous cocktails. For More Information On Mystery Skulls And To Buy One of Us on August 4 Click Here.
Mystery Skulls – Losing My Mind [Official Audio]