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Album Review: SonReal Make Your Life Seem Like “One Long Dream”

Born in the small town of Vernon, British Columbia, SonReal is poised to be the next great Canadian export. Yes, Canada has been making me jealous these past few months. A great president, great films, and now, even more proof that they have great, musical talents. Sonreal, like the obviously made comparison to The Weeknd and Drake, uses seductive rhythms to etch out a voice that is so warm and honeyed, it could be edible.
SonReal – Problems (Official Video)

When I think of artists like, The Weeknd, Drake, and, now, SonReal, I think of Millennials versions of 90’s R&B. Yes, they can rap and are associated with Hip Hop, but their lyrics and persona focus on the seduction, stealing, and the eventual stunting of hearts. With the most modern of cool rhythms and pleasing beats, SonReal makes tracks like ‘Problems” and “Repo Man” things you want in your life. The album, lyrically, tussles between recollections and reflections over SonReal determination to rise as a star, and the affirmation that he has and has always been one. Songs such as, “Grammy Song”, “Supersize”, and “Potential” brim with SonReal’s visions for himself. You can practically see, with him, his name in lights, and the understandable struggle to keep faith that such a moment will occur. The thing about ambitions is that they are, in essence, driving dreams, but making them your driven realities is a whole, other game. This explains the notes of exhaustion, fear, and fantasy SonReal uses in his rap flow and singing, of which he intertwines between the two like a man who cannot decide how he wants to approach a situation. When he raps, it is to vent about frustrations and illusions he has with himself, but when he sings it is to soften his heart and make it beat, more kindly, for tomorrow. Hence. “One Long Dream” and “Can I Get A Witness” have to be my favorite tracks as a fellow ambitious person. When you carry a hope for yourself for so long, you, eventually, reach a point in your life when you have to make it come true or let it go. SonReal is making it come true, and his sound is visionary.
SonReal – Potential (Official Video)

Part of what is making these Canadian R&B stars like, The Weekend and Drake rise, is that heir beats are irresistible. One Long Dream is, sonically, all about that bass. “No Warm Up” “Don’t Fall In Love Before The Outro (ft. Sid Sriram)”, “All I Got”, and “Go Play” are like a series of offers saying, “Bounce Wit Me?!”. They are 100% danceable, which only makes you more invested in SonReal journey. You cannot help but want to roll on through with SonReal as he tries to amp his achievements into bigger ones with the exact voice to do it. No matter what, from rapping to singing, he has seduction tacked and tethered to his vocals, which means “Radio get ready for a new #1”. For More Information on SonReal And To Buy One Long Dream On August 11 Click Here.SonReal – Can I Get A Witness (Official)