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Album Review: The Killers Analyze What It Is To Be “Wonderful Wonderful”

The Killers’ Wonderful Wonderful may sound like a walk throughout the Willy Wonka factory, but it is actually about the journey we take to get to such a sweet space. From love to salvation, The Killers’ fifth album is an observance from a pack of seasoned musicians asking themselves, “Where else do we go? What more do we need to say? And what “wonderful” am I not seeing?”. 
The Killers – The Man

The irony of life is that we spend it trying to get to “greater destinations” only to be stuck in a constant journey. We plan our life according to positions and places we think are standard and still, but, once accomplished, end up turning our eyes and desires into newer locales and lessons to achieve. Wonderful Wonderful seems to plays with this frustrating notion throughout songs like, “Rut”, “Life To Come”, and “The Calling”. From a partner to a passion, Brandon Flowers continues his odyssey as the titular artist: eager to feel and be in everything while contemplating if it all means nothing. He even gets “meta” in the track “Have All The Songs Been Written” as he ponders whether music says anything new anymore. Although The Killers have stated this is their most “revealing” and “forward thinking” album, I think it is mostly their most mature. You have to go through some sincere experiences to get to a point where you ask, “Am I fresh anymore? Do I grow into newer, better versions of myself?”. Hmmmm….. These ultra “life” questions blaze in sonics that match the current 80’s wave sweeping mainstream music with anthemic, stadium rousing instrumentals.
The Killers – Run For Cover

“From Out of My Mind” to “The Man”, it is clear The Killers wanted to make a record that is all about building. From building chords and choruses into a booming, buzzed glory like my fave track “Some Kind of Love” to analyzing the self-destructiveness of excess, “Money On Straight”,  The Killers Wonderful Wonderful shows that such an idea is one to build. Maybe, that is why we never truly get to wonderful places? Wonderful is not a place to go, but a state to be in, and The Killers newest album certainly puts you in such a frame. To Buy The Killers Wonderful Wonderful On September 22 Click Here.