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Album Review: The Time Is Now For Craig David

“EXCUSE YOU, CRAIG DAVID”, I said as I clutched my pearls in awe of David’s pure, sonic transformation. From my concert review, there is no denying that Craig David has embraced the nightlife. The man that once felt like a soundtrack to our day, is now the back-drop to our club outing in The Time Is Now.

If there is one thing Craig David’s concert previewed about his new album, it is that he is a lively guy. When you think of David’s past sound, you might think smooth and an easy listen. He was the music you put on when you wanted to chill and maybe focus on the scene around you, but The Time Is Now is for those that want be the center of it. Tracks like, “I Know You feat. Bastille”, “Heartline”, and “Live In The Moment feat. Goldlink” are club-bangers ready to be lit by DJ’s eager to get the crowd dancing They will be fan faves for their easy hooks and cool melodies, of which David’s DJ life/style clearly understands.
Craig David – Heartline

This hit-maker knows the sound of “now”, but that does not mean he has shed his classic heart.“Talk To Me Pt. II feat. Ella Mai”, “Love Will Come Around”, and “Magic” celebrate his capacity to put love into lyrics. David’s playful seductiveness oozes through “Love Me Like It’s Yesterday” and “Brand New” as is love is a game where everybody wins. Even his call for “Focus” or for “Somebody Like Me feat. AJ Tracey” never loses its bounce, of which David has learned to make a base dribble like a basketball and synth soar like a jump-shot. He is an unstoppable player that, in every way has put a “Reload” on his sound.
Craig David – I Know You ft. Bastille

Craig David is fun, futuristic, and fearless. In essence, David has meticulously created an album that is for no “over-thought”, but meant to be blasted in volume from every radio. Every track is precisely crafted for you to let go of dour sentiments, and get down into a vivacious soundscape. Thus, Time Is Now truly is for you RIGHT NOW or, at least, for your nightlife. For More Information On Craig David And To Buy The Time Is Now on January 26 Click Here.
Craig David – Live in the Moment (Audio) ft. GoldLink

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