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Artist Close-Up Ceramic Animal Is Ready To Roar At Mercury Lounge

 When it comes to Ceramic Animal, it is all about feeling “So Familiar”. Yes, that is the name of their newest track, but it is also the vibe they wish to radiate with their chill psychedelia. From stage to song, the quartet are all about giving their listeners a feeling of inclusiveness that is easy to welcome.

When it comes to love and friendship, we all seek a sense of comfort. These two things are, by nature, difficult because they require vulnerability for their success, but who really wants to put their guard down? Hence, Warren, Dallas, Elliott, and  Erik have united to create a soundscape that feels like a lava lamp being shook; for however much you want to make that lava expand and “go crazy” in shapes or movements, it never loses its cool. Their music has an inherent relaxation to it, which makes their “emotional hits” feel more like taps. This sentiment only plays further to their music promotion that, in life, there is no need to lose your “cool”.

Warren has a voice that rises and curves like a wafture, which causes Ceramic Animal to build a sonic atmosphere to rival an ocean’s calm. Yet, do not worry; you have no chance of storms in their music front. They guys are not a riling you up as making you revel. There is nothing wrong with relishing the good details about life and others, which is, in essence, the coolest thing you can do.  Check Out Ceramic Animal’s Mercury Lounge Show on January 10. For More Information on Ceramic Animal Click Here. 


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