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Diandra Interviews Noah Kahan: 5 Questions On Finding Creative Inspiration

Noah Kahan is one of Republic Records brightest, new stars because he is a big heart. His music appeals to those that feel like they are the only ones with feelings in this world. So many people know what it is like to think you are the only heart in the room, and Noah Kahan is like a soundtrack for that experience. After reviewing his EP Hurt Somebody and going to his Irving Plaza show, I was excited to ask a creative how he keeps his inspiration when singing to those struggling to find it. 

Diandra: What is the hardest part about feeling clear about your music career and creativity? 

Noah Kahan: Creativity for me can be fickle. I try to nurture it to the best of my ability and exhume whatever I can from it when it’s there but the nature of creating a routine of writing means that occasionally it will be harder to find. When I don’t feel creative I try to let myself relax and think clearly about where I am and what I’m going through. Listening to music or going for a walk always help me get the process started. 
Noah Kahan – Hurt Somebody

Diandra: Being a new year, what are some of the resolutions or purposes that you want to fulfill as a musician/ person in 2018? 

Noah Kahan: Personally, I hope to be a little more patient with people. I tend to expect a lot from people all the time without acknowledging what they might be going through, or how I might look in the process. As a musician, this year, I hope to build a better identity on stage and in my recordings. I want people to know it’s a Noah Kahan song before I start to sing or before they read the title. 

Diandra: You write music according to your experiences. What is one experience you hope to have, and even write a song about? 

Noah Kahan: I want to tour Europe by car or by van. I was there earlier in 2017 traveling by plane and I was completely filled with inspiration, I think being able to traverse the continent more intimately would bring a lot of inspiration. 

Diandra: You have been writing music since you were 8 years old. What are childhood songs you created that either make you smile impressed by your own maturity?

Noah Kahan: I wrote a song called “Going” back when I was in 8th grade, and I’ve always thought that it was special. It’s about relaxing when things are hectic and finding peace beyond the little things in life. I was such a young guy, but the lyrics still speak to me today.
Noah Kahan – Young Blood

Diandra: Your songs really speak to feelings of isolation, impatience, and self-doubt. What is advice you would give to someone struggling with these sentiments and the idea of empowerment? 

Noah Kahan: I would recommend speaking your doubts out loud, because sometimes hearing them from a voice besides the one in your head can make them seem a lot less significant. Being lonely is an incredibly under-appreciated terror, and I am truly sorry for anyone feeling that way. I have been there before, since the music industry can be a lonely place. What always helped me was to call my folks, or hang out with my dogs. I realize that not everybody has these luxuries, so reading a book, or getting out in nature can give you an amazing sense of comfort. 

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