Artist Close-Up: An Interview with Charlyn

For fans of Haim, The 1975, and Chvrches, comes a new indie-synth pop songstress to add to your collection: Charlyn. I love synth-pop because not only does it make me move, but its thoughtfulness catches me by surprise. While your moving and shaking to cool, electronic beats, you may not notice the most beautiful, poignant words being placed upon a song’s rhythms. Yet, when you listen, you hear lyrics that tell you the answers to things you have been dying to figure out like, love and life. Just check out Marylise:Charlyn’s newest track. A song about realizing that for all you have, your spirit still wants to escape and feel/be better. Hailing from Switzerland, I had the pleasure to interview this insightful singer.
Diandra: Your first single. Marylise, speaks to the frustration of a young woman at having the “perfect life”, but still feeling a need to escape. Do you think that such a desire/ idea is common amongst people? 
Charlyn: I guess this would apply to a lot of famous people. They are most often told what to do with their life in order to fit the desired image of the industry.
Diandra: The song delves into the disconnection people feel with their life and their struggles for joy? Do you think music can help ease or resolve that disconnection? 
Charlyn: I think music is a good form of escapism for anyone. Who hasn’t ever felt down and put on some music to free their mind?
Diandra: Although you are a solo act , you co-perform with your band? Name one thing that Robin, Thomas, and George offer to you , in terms, of creative inspiration/motivation? Charlyn: Robin is the producer so he is heavily involved in the creative process. Thomas comes up with cool guitar parts and solos, and George always motivates the band with his up lifting perspective.

Diandra: Who are your biggest musical influences? 
Charlyn: My big influences are The 1975, U2, Coldplay. Angels & Airwaves, Michael Jackson an others. 

Diandra: You are from Switzerland but are developing your music career in England. What is it about London that attracts so many artists?
Charlyn: At the moment it is sort of 50-50. The music industry of London is full of opportunity for us and the developing music industry in Switzerland has offered us a lot already and hopefully that will continue. The feedback has been incredibly positive.
Diandra:Your music is both bright in sound but intimate in feel, what are your creative rituals or how do you enter a creative mindset for making your songs?
Charlyn: I normally come up with the melody first and then whatever it makes me feel, I come up with a topic about which to write.
Diandra: What is the greatest lesson you have learned as an artist from both touring and from your school years at British & Irish Modern Music Institute? 
Charlyn: I’ve learnt that being organised is the key to our success both personally and professionally. Touring has been a great experience that brought us closer together as a band.

Charlyn’s Self- Titled EP is out NOW! on her official site HERE. Here is My Review!