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Artist Close Up: Jess Kent Is Young, Fun, And Ready To Dominate The Music Biz

Currently touring with Troye Sivan, Jess Kent exudes youth and dance, When you think of being young. movement seems central. Who desires to move more or does so with defiancy more than the young? Thus, her recently released EP My Name Is Jess Kent shows the multiple layers of dance-pop.

From bluesy to rebellious or sultry to gleeful, this English rapper has mastered the art of turning pop music into a platform for vulnerability and physicality. There is no denying that her songs will make you shake onto the club floor. Still, whether she is making you dance in the reggae infused ” Get Down” or making you want to reach “The Sweet Spot” through a heavy bassline, her lyrics remain potent through every powered sonic. In an effort not to sound cheesy in my description, I can only describe her lyrical flows as fluid like a river but fiery like a dragon. How she manages to mesh the two contrasting elements, water and fire, are emblematic to her talent. She has unmatched an capacity to smoothly, spew rhymes that enter you with their apparent friendliness only to dice you with the after-shocks of their strong messages. Hence, her ability to both physically sway you like water, but lyrically light you like fire, which makes her the perfect artist to listen to for a daily work grind or a nightlife one. Such a gift is rare, but, again, and attribute of being youthful and talented.

Although giving your heart and soul should be a timeless effort, most attribute the eagerness to give yourself entirely with hunger of being young with a wealth of untapped potential. In My Name Is Jess Kent,  Jess Kent lays out every single bit of her spirt, talent, and dreams in five tracks that feel like one radio hit after another. Thus, looks out for this rising artist because just with her determination  she will land amongst stars. Click Here For More on Jess Kent and to Buy Her EP My Name Is Jess Kent.