Song Review: Cigarettes After Sex Gets Moody In “K”

I love the moodiness of music. The power of sound to transform someone’s energy into a higher space or a lower grade is awe-inspiring. Thus, Cigarettes After Sex’s “K” is like you have opened a dark, mystery novel that is mutually thrilling and tranquilizing. 
The oddness of darkness is that it can be strangely peaceful. When you think of peace, you, usually and rightfully, should think of light. Yet, there is something calming to closing your eyes and hearing the low basslines your surroundings can manufacture. Hence, “K” feels like the rare moments when someone shuts themselves in their darkness to hear what surrounding light remains. The track is like gritted seeds that never grew beyond their sonic soil, and leaves listeners fascinated by their low rhythms. A very parable-esque analogy for a song that comes off like the dark beginning of a tall tale. Yet, my “parable” is not without solid reference because “K” is about the sour turn of once “casual” sex into a longing for a passion relationship with K, i.e Krystal. 
We all have wondered about the myth of “friends with benefits”. Is it possible? Is someone bound to catch a feeling? Every story is different, but their similarity is the universal disappointment a person can feel at no longer being the sexual intrigue of your partner. Lead singer Greg Gonzales has the smoothly pensive, straight-toned voice that captures the inner thoughts plaguing a man realizing his growing irrelevancy to his partner. The bruising of Gonzales’ ego and growing loneliness in “K” leads to music melancholy, and makes the song one to be played when you want to lie down to the dreary sound of life. Still, the raw truth of “K” is that it shows a spirit diminished by love can turmoil in private yearning while carrying on in public. For More Information on this phenomenal band: Cigarettes After Sex click here.