Song Review: Morgxn’s “Love You With The Lights On” Literally Sounds Like Sex

Morgxn is the newest, rising artist to strike electro-soul. Music has always been used to ignite physical attraction and the Nashville native’s  debut “Love You With The Lights On” is no different. 

This song has sexual tension laced into its every sonic frequency, which makes it a sultry must for those whom want their love to feel a little lust.

Morgxn got his start in theater, which can be heard in the rich vocals he gives throughout the track. As the electrifying backdrop is lit like a candle, you hear Morgxn drop his voice like candle-wax. His subtle, yet dramatic delivery is poignant to theatricality and what makes him bound for success. To Morgxn, theater taught him empathy and how to place himself in the mind-frame of other’s lives. Yet, music allowed him to place himself in his own life. Hence, he writes and sings of his personal journey through life and love.

Love You With The Lights On

Now telling his own stories, Morgxn is drawn to writing about human resilience in his fearless, vulnerable, and electronically spiritual songs. The extremely talented artist claims “How we pull ourselves back up even when we’re knocked down a thousand times. I’m chasing the tension of wanting love, having it, and needing more. It’s that desire to go beyond the surface.”

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