Artist Close -Up: Marga Lane Is Native New Yorker With A Worldy Heart

A delicate voice mixed with raw, sentimental lyrics that drip like the sweetest syrup unto your soul. That is how I would describe Marga Lane’s voice and newest single Thinking About You. Love is sweet. Love is kind. Love is memorable. Thankfully, Lane’s newest single of her soon to debut EP Undressed reminds us of the good side of love.

Love is not weakening. It is opening, and for that reason it is a strengthening. Lyrically, Lane’s Thinking About You is sweet in it capturing of love’s entrancing nature. When you are falling for someone it is not just your heart that races for them but your mind, as well. The song is a celebration of love in its purest, most exciting form. When it is new and filled with an unadulterated hope and bliss in its foundation. Thus, the lyrics reign kindly true over the jazz-infused guitar rhythms. From the minute, the song begins it feels like a 90’s R&B classic, which makes its loving words all the more richer. As someone, who loves 90’s R&B, to have a genuinely good artist headline this much needed era’s comeback would be Heaven-sent. Marga Lane has more than the talent to do so. She has the education.

Upon graduating from the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston, native New Yorker, Lane moved to Los Angeles to further pursue a career as a professional recording artist. Yet, it was her time in university that made the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist learn to create authentically heartfelt songs laced with emotions that are timeless. Love and loss will never die, but it is Lane’s ability to capture these sentiments that also makes her songs and future as an artist feel eternal. Her new EP, Undressed, is an exciting, introspective journey into the power of love to both shatter and elevate a heart. Undressed will be released on December 2. For More Information on Marga Lane Click Here