Artist Close- Up: Please 2017 Be of Jarina De Marco!

Yo no entiendo PORQUE esta estrella, Jarina De Marco, no luce MAS! Sorry, for my random bout of Advanced Spanish, but I, basically,do not understand why the star that is Jarina De Marco is not shining more. She deserves to be a megastar, and I am getting a feeling 2017 will be an even shinier one for her stardom.

Jarina De Marco has lyrics that make you feel like a walking firecracker. You just want to splash your light all over the place, and dance as if energy never dims. Her song “Tigre” came out in the Broad City soundtrack this year and with good reason. Ilana can do 50 backflips in a row to this track. How she blends color and zest into music is a Godsend. It is as if De Marco has been taught how to turn music into a fruit basket or rather  n Edible Arrangement. Yet, with her Latina roots, it is no surprise she knows how to make a rhythm that inspires movement of the body and soul: what is Latin Music without dance?

Jarina De Marco was born in the Dominican Republic and spent the early years of her life traveling Latin America with her parents. The Dominican/Brazilian family performed as part of the world music scene and spent extended periods of time in remote parts of the Amazonian rainforest and Dominican countryside cataloguing indigenous sounds and rhythms as musicologists. When Jarina became old enough to speak, she began singing and performing with her family as they traveled throughout the world. The sounds surrounding Jarina during her childhood served as her early music education; often incorporating traditional sonic pallets with modern beat makers. Jarina’s own, unique sound has helped her collaborate with the likes of GTA, Mark Ronson, and Major Lazer. Still, what is most important for Jarina De Marco, next to music, is the respect for human rights.

In her newest track “Release The Hounds”, De Marco professes her solidarity for the Sioux people and has rallied friends like, Rosario Dawson and Chris Rock, to create a moving song and visual piece to help raise awareness for this worthy cause. Many people in the last days have been celebrating the Obama administration request for additional studies on how the pipeline might affect the land and water at Standing Rock. However, the incoming President elect will most likely overturn this ruling, and DAPL team continues to drill Explains De Marco,
“After seeing Amy Goodman’s report on the protests at Standing Rock, and seeing footage of private security forces sic dogs on the indigenous water protectors, I felt disgusted, overwhelmed and outraged. It struck a familiar feeling for me. Dogs have been used throughout history by the tyrannical to suppress the innocent, particularly indigenous people, and peoples of color. My mother is of Taino descent, the first people to have contact with Christopher Columbus, and almost all of them perished at the hand of the violent conquistadors that used dogs to hunt our people down. I could not believe history was repeating itself and on national television. ‘Release The Hounds’ is a call to action, and a statement of resilience, inspired by those fighting at Standing Rock.” 

Smart, Strong, Compassionate, and Creative are far from bad qualities to be. For More Information On Jarina De Marco Click Here.