Song Review: Yelle Is Back “Here & Now”

If you have not heard of Yelle then you are missing out one of the biggest musical sugar rushes around. The French dance-pop group Yelle were founded in 2005 when longtime friends Julie Budet (who took the stage name Yelle) and Jean-François Perrier (known as GrandMarnier) decided it was time to start a band. Three albums later.  the electro- pop duo have become an international  phenomena for the dance world.  Their new track “Ici & Maintenant” or “Here & Now” is practically the sparkler on a birthday cake: served with sugar but lit with fire.

Sung in her native tongue, French, of course, strictly English speakers might be hesitant to fall in love with the new, happy track “Here & Now”. Yet, to not love this song is impossible. Yelle has always had simple, charming vocals that deliver lyrics in niceness. I know that nice might not sound like a huge, selling point, but her voice has the sweet presence to match perfectly with GrandMarnier’s dancing synths. Moreover, “Here & Now” is all about staying in the moment. which is the epitome of nice.

I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Staying in the moment is HARD!”. Even if my body is here, my mind is going all kinds of Back To The Future. If I am not thinking about the past then I am thinking about the future, and if I am thinking of the present it probably feels like I am thinking of nothing. Something that Yelle struggles to battle. As they explain, “We want to be connected to the present. Here and Now. That’s exactly the idea behind the song. That’s our state of mind. Being simply and fully in the moment. I could not have said that universal desire better, nor could I have shown it better. Throughout the video a man frantically dances behind Yelle, representing the spiritual, emotional, and mental energy we can all quietly carry throughout our day. While she seems calm running typical errands, the man dances with the internal adrenaline that makes you want to break your routines and live life as if every one of your dreams could be reality. 
Not many have become global sensations like Yelle. Their melodic compositions can endear people beyond language. Hence, the rhythms of “Ici Maintenant” will attract the world for its shimmering beats that bounce off speakers like the light reflecting from a disco-ball. It truly is one of the best  songs of 2016 to choreograph. I can just envision the dance videos or troupes placing moves to “Here & Now” with ease because the song, by nature, represents Yelle’s endless capacity to make you move! For More Information On Yelle Click Here