Artist Close-Up: Shaed Offers Makes You Want To Run Through Fields and Thunder

SHAED is a head-bobbing pop trio comprised of multi-instrumentalist twin brothers Max and Spencer Ernst and powerhouse vocalist Chelsea Lee. Lee’s vocals weave divinely through the Ernst twin’s pop-sensible production that can make anyone move. Their debut single, “Just Wanna See”, is a genre bending slow jam that has received international praise and favorable comparisons to bands like Florence & The Machine, Sia and Sylvan Esso. The comparison are welcomed after listening to Thunder.

Lee has a voice that shatters like, SIA. I often compare SIA’s vocals to broken glass: clear and cutting. Fortunately, Lee serves that same energy. She sings through Thunder with a fighting force, which is befitting the track’s theme of strength. Her range is filled with a rich resilience as she belts “Let’s get loud like thunder”. Her voice makes you want to rally behind her and go though whatever mud or mishap life brews up.  Lee’s voice naturally empowers. When a woman sings with such firmness and pitch, you cannot help but feel it in your soul. Between its rhythms, Lee’s voice, and its overall proclamation of strength, Thunder, will makes you feel as loud and celestially thrashing as the weather. Yet, kudos must be given to the Ernst brothers for creating music that is sonically perseverant. Just check out Shaed’s newest track Running Through the Fields.

Can sound capture a virtue? Well, Lee and the Ernst brothers have proven that it can with Running Throught The Fields.  The synthetic bassline drops like a hammer readying you for whatever battle ahead. I know this might sound humorous, but this track is for both the club and the gym. It excites your neurons so much that you are not going to move; You are going to MOoooOOOOOo VVVVVEEEE! As Lee repeats the melodious hook, “I was running through the fields!”, you want to close your eyes and run vicariously with her on your treadmill. The track is imaginative with its orchestrated frequencies, and furthers Shaed’s as a band that wants you to feel good no matter what.

I see a bright future ahead for Shaed! Their sound and lyrics are too clear and enlightening to not end up on Top of the Charts. We all need music to make us feel invincible, and Shaed creates exactly that!
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