Festival Review #2: Afropunk Makes Me Sonically/ Socially Conscious

Let Me Just Dive Right Into My Sunday FAVES! Shall we?

First, let me thank Afropunk for having signs like these! It is as if they knew my sense of direction, and said ‘Diandra! Here!”. Anyway, I have previously reviewed Gallant, and went to see him again because I needed to experience his greatness again. He sings and moves as if music was lightning; overtime he hits a high note or gyrates is a sign that music is striking him to keep viewers electrified by his presence. 
Kelsey Lu
Kelsey Lu describes her music genre as pretty, which after reviewing her debut EP Church, I can agree. Yet, I would go as far as to claim that live he music is tranquility. The sun met her cello to give everyone a sense of peace. Another virtue that Afropunk is all about promoting beyond the virtue of love. 
Janelle Monáe

I would like to thank Rhythm for making an official appearance through Janelle Monáe. Janelle’s song and dance had EVERYONE feeling like if this was their last day on earth….. its okay. They went out like a Monáe (pun intended). But seriously, I walked out of her acting wondering if I had witnessed the true embodiment of a queen. She was regal in her precision and preciousness to her every performance move. #loveher
Earl Sweatshirt
Mr.Sweatshirt (I always wanted to say that!) brought the hive down, as in his debut album that contained some of the chillest rap stylings a person can find. His performance felt very grounded and intimate in setting up the Sunday vibrations. Seeing his endearingly lax rap flow and casual heart made me feel like we were not in some giant, magnificent festival, but instead rolling with good friends to blaze music. 
Sir The Baptist
Words cannot describe how powerful he is as an artist. Baptist has the energy of 30 million men all boiled into one, singular artist. Watching him sing, rap, and dance on stage was like watching a spark flare before me. The dynamism of his spirit exuded his church background because his parents were missionaries. Yet, it was his telling off of Trump (the statue) that cultivated the #notrumpisms and #nohate that Afropunk Festival had solidified. His vivacious, joyful performance was literally the living nightmare of every Trump Supporter or hate-mongerer in existence. I loved it. 

Another songstress that proves music comes from the soul. Literally, every lyric that she sang came from a heartstring that some relationship or dream in her life had pulled. Talent is great, but talent and heart is Heaven. Congrats to Kelela for being Heaven!
Ice Cube

I have nothing to say. It is all in the name. He is Ice Cube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!