Artist Close-Up: The Hood Internet Shows Mash-Ups Never Die

The Hood Internet is a cult favorite amongst Hip Hop fans. The Chicago- based group is notorious for their unique mash-up between electro-pop and indie rock with Hip Hop. In the Hip Hop world, DJ’s are common, but few are synonymous with a fresh, individual take. It is not easy to rise above the many, and become your own staple of sound. You have to have a real star quality to make yourself both stand out and stand good in this beloved genre that is known for its powerful, global effect.

Breaking Bad Remix

The Hood Internet’s combination of new-wave, indie rock with Hip Hop, has allowed it to gain a solid following. Every time they hit to stage or hit the bass, it is a guaranteed good time. Each track of theirs ranges from smoothly swag to twerking fun, but, no matter what, equate your feet to the dance floor. This capacity to make you dance with a different sound/edge is what is making The Hood Internet such a marvel to the Hip Hop Game. With hits like, “Classic Lean” (A Mash- up of Kendrick Lamar with Jidenna) and “Can’t Feel The Weekend” ( Daft Pun W/ The Weeknd), they have gained the admiration of many for proving that mash-ups will never go out of style.

More Doo Wop N’ Whatever – Lauryn Hill V Deadmau5

When you combine two great artists, it is like two heroes uniting forces. There is something dynamic about hearing two songs elevate each other. The Hood Internet shows that dynamic through their epic mash-ups, which can be seen in their official website here.