Artist Interview: Erin Kinsey Is A Future Country Star

Erin Kinsey is young, hopeful, and talented. When you see her perform and talk about her rise in the music scene, you look at her in awe. She is a dreamer, and she has every reason and the talent to make her dreams come true. What I enjoyed about her interview is how young and bright she seemed. It was like talking to positivity in a fresh, lively form.

Diandra: You have started in this business so young.  How has it been finding your voice and strength for yourself in the business?

Erin: I have definitely had a few changes over the years about what I want to sound like, and where I want to go and I think it will continue to change… but I also think its something I don’t want to rush.
Diandra: There have been several Taylor Swift comparisons when citing your name. Do you feel empowered or nervous by the comparison?
Erin: I feel very honored to be associated with her, but I also want people to think of me as my own person.

Diandra: Has it been weird fitting into a daily friends/ high-school life, while trying to rise in the music industry?
Erin: Its hard sometimes to fit everything in, but I love it all so much that I can always seem to find time for it all!
Diandra: If you dream of the greatest moment in your career, what would it be and look like?
Erin: Every since I started singing I have wanted to share the stage with Miranda Lambert, so that probably be a huge highlight of my career if I ever got to do it!
Diandra:Have you started writing and prepping for your first album? What is your musical goal for it?
 Erin: Yes I have! I want it to be a range of everything that I have done in the past few years, from sassy songs to slow pretty ones!

Diandra: What was the first moment you fell in love with music?
ErinI’ve always loved music, but I realized it was something I would want to do when I was about 11 and got my first guitar for Christmas. I learned a few songs on it and just enjoyed it so much!
Diandra:What was your proudest moment performing, thus far?
 ErinProbably getting to go to London and play at the C2C festival (Country to Country). It was so surreal to get to go over there and see everyone come together to support country music.
Diandra: What has been the best advice you have gotten about building your career?
Erin: To never give up. It seems simple but it is so easy to just want to take the easy route when times get tough, and you have to be willing to push through.

Diandra: If you could do anything else besides music, what would it be?
Erin: Honestly, Now I can’t imagine myself doing anything not involved in music, whether it’s giving lessons or songwriting. But, when I was little I wanted to be a vet or do something with animals!
Diandra What do you do to make sure you feel centered both creatively and before performing?
Erin:Usually I drink a Dr. Pepper, and say a quick little prayer!

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