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Artists To Watch 2018: Soleima Wants The Rich Life Through “Low Life”

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! I do not know ONE instance, when meeting my fellow Millennials, where money is not brought up, and usually in mourning for the lack of it. Thus, Soleima is a sonic welcome to “Milly” ears, eager to dance away their broke pockets rather than look at their savings account. #notrich 
Soleima – Low Life (Official Music Video)

The Danish star has been named “Best Newcomer” back in her country because, frankly, she is! There is an easiness to her sound that makes her instantly likable. Add on that she sings to “wanting it all” while having less, and nearly every twenty-something can jive to that message. Moreover, bouncing bass, back-to-basics percussion, and Soleima’s cozy vocal style. For having tracks like “Low Life”, “Paper”, and “Once Was”, which all discuss the feeling of “stuck” that plague every youth, Soleima vocally approaches her tracks with a comfortable swag. It is as if her vocal notes were made of dough and chocolate, and her baseline was an oven assuring she bakes her songs just right. Trust me, they are edible! 
Soleima – Paper (Official video)

As I continue my search for artists with the potential of A GREAT 2018!, Soleima is a natural choice. She appeals to a universal message of struggle but with a sonic sophistication. It is hard to put her in genre-boxes such as, Hip Hop, Pop, or Electro because she has seemingly fused sound to what it should be: soul. She is the fun, music heartbeat that courses through a Friday night of drinks after an overworked, underpaid week. For More Information on Soleima Click Here. 
Soleima – Breathe (feat. Hoodboi) [Official Music Video]

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