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Concert Review: Bishop Briggs Is Like Champagne At Terminal 5

It is always heartwarming to see a star you have followed rise, but with Bishop Briggs it was inevitable. Absolutely NO ONE sounds like her. When you sound different and good, you become unstoppable, and like champagne, you simply flow upwards. Thus, Bishop Briggs packed Terminal 5 show was another step closer to heavenly success.

Bishop Briggs – The Way I Do (Official)

As Bishop tracked through her hits, “The Way I Do”, “Hi-Lo”, “Mercy”, and, of course, “River”, the crowd went beyond hyped. It was the first time I had ever seen an audience be as emotionally and fully invested in an opener as they were the headliner. Frankly, it almost felt like Bishop Briggs and Bleachers were co-headlining, of which Jack Antanoff would not mind. In a moment of humility and sentimentality, Briggs recalled how Jack approached her at a bar in LA, and told her that her set made him want to create music. They had never met before, and Bishop had JUST started in “the game”, but she was already inspiring an artist known for his own inspiration of other artists. For Bishop, it was a full circle moment she could only revel in as she belted the notes to songs like, “Dream”, “Dark Side”, “Fire” and new, unreleased track, “White Flag”. Like her previous singles, “White Flag” uses trap undercurrents to make you feel like you are marching into battle. Honestly, if I ever become an army general or go to a gym, I am using Bishop Briggs music to amp me up for the unusual event.
Bishop Briggs – River

It is hard not to want to jump around and run a marathon when listening and watching Bishop Briggs. In gym wear and her signature, tight buns, she looked like she was ready for a boxing match. She certainly walked around the stage punching and even kicking air to bring out that her music is for the inner warrior in all of us. Every one of her songs like, “Dead Man’s Arms”, plays to the loves that have crossed us, but were fools is they thought we would stay on that cross. Hence, it felt befitting to her “sweet revenge/ undefeated mentality” that there was not one moment in her performance where she was still; getting back at someone with your success will make you run through life like a one-person track team. Yet, the crowd ate up her physicality as a singer, especially because she hit every single note without hesitation. It is NOT easy to do a fitness routine and then a vocal riff like nothing. Yet, Bishop Briggs is like nothing we have ever seen before, which is why she is a must watch. Click Here For More Information On Bishop Briggs.
Bishop Briggs – Dream

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