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Concert Review: H.E.R. Puts The Romance In R&B At Bowery

Yes, she had the rhythm and the blues, but it was the romantic element of her music that had couples looking into each others’ eyes as if they contained ocean view fronts. Lovers danced, singles cheered, and H.E.R. got teary-eyed at having her first headlining show at Bowery Ballroom NYC be SOLD-OUT.
H.E.R. – Best Part (Audio) ft. Daniel Caesar

First, let me compliment the songstress on looking like the coolest person ever. Rocking white shades throughout her hits “Focus”, “Facts”, “Changes”, and “Lights On”, she had set both in image and literal lighting that her music was for when the lights go dim, and all you have is your lover’s hands to guide you through the darkness. Playing off her albums, H.E.R. Volume 2 and B-Sides, The softly spoken and singing star has a voice that cups you as if you were a hummingbird within her hands. She is so gentle it is almost protective, which makes sense because, as she affirmed, she truly believes in love. She is not writing her songs just to be “love songs”, but promotions that this virtue exists for and within everyone; as seen when she whipped out the guitar and sang one of the most beautiful love songs of recent “Best Part”. Yet, the covers were not far behind. From Rihanna’s “Yeah I Said It ” to Drake’s “Passionfruit”, H.E.R. showed that she can turn ANY song meant to get you hyped into one that makes you serene. She brings out the mellowness of emotions, even if they are about lover’s betrayal or refusal to “Let Me In”. The point is that love makes your heart start by making you stop for another.
H.E.R. – Every Kind Of Way: A Short Film Inspired By Music From H.E.R.

H.E.R.’s plush, electro- rhythms and unbelievably high register made her music induce a natural high. It has been proven that music can have the same affects as drugs, and H.E.R. makes you mellow out in the purple hued haze that is her faith in love. Thus, whether you are “booed” up or a simple admirer of the virtue, you need to see her show. Who knows? Maybe, her brother from another mother, A$AP Ferg will show up to give some of hits, as well, as he did last night to give the crowd a real dance. For More Information On H.E.R. Click Here.
H.E.R. – Lights On (Audio)

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