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Concert Review: The Chordaes Play To City Lights At The Standard

The Standard has quickly become a premiere spot for rising artists. Entering the 23rd floor, you get one of the most beautiful views of NYC while picturing that this place was your apartment. Imagine owning a spot where your friends could gather amongst city lights and sweet champagne to be serenaded by the pop-rock surfs of The Chordaes.

The Chordaes perfectly fit The Standards’ upscale, “living room” vibe. From a Lady Gaga Cover to their originals, “What Do You Want From Me”, these guys aim for thoughtful relaxation. They feel like the band you play after you get home, and you want to hear music that is both soothing but fun. It seems like, sometimes, music offerings are divided between the songs that makes you want to curl up in a depressed, fetal position or tracks that make you want to fly in euphoria. Yet, the reason, most of us, feel uncomfortable with life is because it is not set to such emotional extremes. We neither crash nor soar as much as surf through our daily routines, of which The Chordaes celebrate this truth.

It is hard not to feel like our lives are boring. Even when we have a fun night or a sad day, there is still this feeling of emotional activity, while, usually, our “day to day” can seem mundane in being so planned. From “Something New” to “The Last Time” or “I’m Free”, The Chordaes sing to the magic of having a plan while you find your purpose. Sure, we may not revel in our routines, but they do provide a comfort as we try to revel in the surprises life gives us. Enter Leo Sawikin as a voice that makes you cherish life, and frolic in its smallest details.

Sawikin has a vocality that could make turning on the tv feel like a celebratory, life moment. His voice flows and bounces as if vocals do not sing through music as much as swim. With Ethan Glenn, Nick McFly, Dan Cobert, and Kevin Foley creating an ocean of melodic sound behind him, his voice provided a surf-board for people to glide into serenity. You could not help but feel like you were at home, resting into the feeling of safety, warmth, and light fruitfulness that comes from having another day where you did your best. For More Information On The Chordaes Click Here.

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