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Concert Review: Hoodie Allen Turns Playstation Theater Into A Cake Party

With Post Malone’s recent remark that Hip Hop is, in essence, not where you go for depth, I have to say I completely 100% disagree. What has happened in Hip Hop happens to every revolution; you, eventually, become an institution, and with that more people, styles, and ideas are allowed enter what was once a counter-system because it is now a system. It is like turning a row of stores into a mall, of which you will be surprised what stores you find like, Hoodie Allen whom I call The King of Pool Party Rap.
Hoodie Allen – The Hype (Official Full Album)

I call Pool Party Rap a genre aimed exactly for such kind of venues; where friends are gathering for beers, cheers, good times, and gossip. There is no over-thought to his music beyond a insightful quips like, “You Are Not A Robot”, “Fame Is For Assholes”, “Act My Age” and stop “Fakin”.The point is to be good while behaving badly, have fun but do not make fun of someone, and let go of your problems for a night if you are not going to find any solutions today. If you ask me it is excellent advice, which might be why Hoodie Allen packed Playstation Theater with twenty-somethings eager to stick a middle finger to social anxiety. From “All My Friends” to “No Faith In Brooklyn”, every song seemed dedicated to shedding facades and so-called friends while having a blast. It is clear that Hoodie Allen does NOT need a record label to fill out a venue; going the “Chance The Rapper” route and taking the harder way to get better results. Every single fan in that room found him, but treated him like he was their foundation. From throwing dollars into the crowd to a literal cake, people were eager to have it rain money and sweets on them. It was like a Millennial circus, of which Instagram vids and mini dance-offs broke out into the crowd as Hoodie Allen felt like a smash between Blink-182 and Slick Rick. (Yes, that is an AWESOME combo!) 
Hoodie Allen – Sushi (Official Lyric Video)

There is a silliness and angst to Hoodie Allen that is under-scored with an emo-rock backdrop and quickly spewed, funk verses. I can, literally, name on one finger that amount of times I have gone to a Hip Hop concert, and the headliner yelled “Shoutout To The Suburbs!”. Back in the day, especially in my block, if someone said that in a Hip Hop crowd, they would be on the first bus back to The Burbs’. Yet, that is the point! Hip Hop is a mall where on one floor you will find Kendrick Lamar, and, in another, you will find Hoodie Allen, and you can like both because they satisfy different levels/needs to the human spirit. For Hoodie Allen, it is the human need to not be so in your head, and be grateful that people even want to hear your thoughts; something he noted as he repeatedly thanked his fans who he treats like his family. For More Information on Hoodie Allen Click Here.
Hoodie Allen – “Know It All” (Official Audio)