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Concert Review: Flo Morrissey Is Ethereal Everything At Baby’s All Right

As people take cover from the snow, I trudge up like the brave woman that I am to do my job: review concerts. Okay, that is enough “poor me”for a night. Yet, in all seriousness, the snow was an odd symbol to the pure experimental sonics of Flo Morrissey an Michael E. White. The two have united musical forces to make an album that embraces strange as stunning: Gentlewoman, Ruby Man. If the record was named after their performance dynamic then it is SPOT ON!

Flo is a gentlewoman, but DO NOT confuse her gentility as weakness. She has a classic 70′ folk/ 60’s pop vibe where women like Carole King and Joni Mitchell sang their vulnerabilities as strengths. Her voice has a subtle intensity to it that, as she scales her range, works to make her self-aware nature come forth. There is not an instant in her singing and presence where you do not feel like you are encountering a conscious woman. This may sound like a humorous observance, but you can always tell when someone is awake to the vastness of life/the universe compared to someone who is asleep to those realties. There are people that can go their whole life unaware of how big it is to be so small in the grand scheme of things. Yet,vocally, Flo aims for this duality of being human. You are both important and dispensable to the lives of others, all at once. Hence, she toys with the emotional delicacy of that truth through wistful high notes, and harmonies of melancholia with Michael E. White. 
The way Flo’s voice kisses Michael E White’s vocals is near romantic. Michael has a voice that is rich with psychedelia, and makes him come off like a literal “ruby man”: spewing rubies for smoked vocals. He is deeper in tone, but still manages, like Flo, to add a mindful sensibility. Whether they play with their vocals or straight sing their sentiments, both have united to intellectually interpret music. While many artists use music to sentimentally interpret their life, the union of Flo Morrissey and Michael E. White seems like one made for wiser interpretations. Together, they philosophize  classic songs like “Grease”.”Sunday Morning”, and “Look At What The Light Did Now”, which are generally upbeat tracks that are not thought of for their profound lyricism or meaning. The are catchy tunes that have breezed unto radio waves, but when Flo and Michael sing them together, you feel like you have caught the breeze. Suddenly, a pop song is poetry slam, and words, that were only to sing along, have converted into thoughts to think upon. In some way, that is the heart of psychedelia: transforming things you do not think about into abstract art images. By adding cherried synths that come off like lightly sugared fruit upon an electric tree, Flo Morrissey and Michael E White did not appear like a temporary duo but a permanent band.  
While Flo Morrissey and Michael E White were friendly and dripped a chemistry that showed they are a smart pair, everyone could not get over how well they complete each other musically. 
It is not often that you feel two artists compliment each other’s visions so well, that you pray they become am official music duo. Although Gentlewoman, Ruby Man was a casual union of two geniuses’ creativity, I think speak for everyone at Baby’s All Right that night when I say, “Please unite all the time!”. Their simplicity makes them grand! For More Information on Flo Morrissey and Michael E White to buy Gentlewoman.Ruby Man Click Here. 
Sunday Morning