Concert Review: Morgxn Was Epic At Baby’s All Right

Inaugural day was a sad, odd one for many, and in Brooklyn the tense air was combatted through live music and youthful musings. Never Trumps blazed the atmospheric sound, not just in chanting but in defiant performances. Morgxn was, definitely, as defiant as ever for the LGBTQ community, and literally every human group pronounced inhuman by the now president. Through an energy that blazed any downward feelings or “carnage”, Morgxn showed that your presence makes a difference.
morgxn – home (official video)

Morgxn began his show with “Love you With The Lights On”, a track that rips sensuality like one would sheets. I had seen Morgxn before, and he was amazing in his Le Poisson Rouge concert. Yet, this time he brought a particular sense of urgency to his performance that made him near cosmic. Perhaps, it was that many viewers at Baby’s All Right, along with country, felt like it was the beginning of the Apocalypse or some type of bitter end. For Morgxn. it was up to him to revive hope and excitement for life through his music and person. As he mentioned the taking down of the LGBT page from the U.S. government website and spoke about his own personal struggles to accept himself as a person, you felt that for Morgxn this concert and his music had grown in importance to him as a musician/artist. The country had changed and, in response, he changed into what might be one of the most invigorating performers in Brooklyn that night/ever. As he played keys, rushed into the audience to sing with members, and hit high notes that made me ask my throat why it could not do that, the Los Angeles artist gave California sun to the New York night.
morgxn – love you with the lights on (official video)

I cannot reiterate how bright and emotional Morgxn’s performance was because it revived its audience. The instrumentals felt vast and huge like beacons summoning people’s inner warriors to fight. By composition, Morgxn’s music uses heavy synths and baselines to infuse a sense marching in listeners’ spirits. Songs like. “Home” and “Hardest Pill To Swallow” felt like anthems for those whom feel confused about their place in the world but know, as human beings, they deserve one. Moreover, Morgxn has exceptional expression in his songs. You feel the immediacy and sentiment he carries for every lyric through how he uses his body. It is as if the audience is his jury and he must explain to them the reasons of his case for being himself. Our judgement: if Morgxn’s greatest hurdle in life was/is him accepting who he is as a person then get over it because you are amazing. Songs like, “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Bruised” had audience members crying from the genuine and poetic lyricism they brought to this fact; Only the strong are vulnerable because it takes strength to be open. While these tracks were the most sentimental and piano-based ballads of the evening, they were solid markers that Morgxn can capture a wide, emotional scope.
morgxn – hard pill to swallow (audio)

From crying, laughing, and complete dancing, Morgxn’s concert felt like a full emotional ride. Every feeling a person can have was ignited and released to elevate their spirit. I am 100% sure that every person in the crowd marked Morgxn as an artist to watch and buy because his EP  VITAL comes out later this year. For More Information On Morgxn Click Here.