Concert Review: Thirdstory Leaves Me Floored At Baby’s All Right

Watching Thirdstory at Baby’s All Right floored me. Literally, I went into a fetal position in a corner because they are THAT good. They are the type of band that when you hear them the first time you wonder, “How have I lived without you?”. Truly, what was before Thirdstory because I know there is not much after.

Admittedly, when I heard the name Thirdstory, I could not stop thinking of 90’s boy bands with turtlenecks on a beach. Their name sounds like from that era, but their HARMONIES are timeless. These men not only provide phenomenal, FANTASTIC covers. It is not easy to basically “own” someone else’s song. When you cover “Hotline Bling” by Drake or “I’m Not The Only One” by Sam Smith, naturally, listeners’ minds go into comparative mode. They are placing you in contrast with some of the biggest artists today to see how you measure up and Thirdstory surpassed. I could not believe it. They transformed their cover songs into complete originals, of which I even preferred to the actual originals. Sorry Drake! Once again, killer harmonies, that could rival the Glee club in coolness and pitch,h made their concert massively appealing and one where people walked away, not only entertained, but impressed.

Sometimes, the best thing about a concert is not simply its entertainment, but its surprise and elaboration of human talent. Thirdstory has so much talent in group members Elliott Skinner, Richard Saunders, and Ben Lusher. Each can hit a high note that made me thankful Baby’s All Right does not have a glass ceiling. Moreover, each has a connection to their songs that is embodied through their movements but compliments the other. Richard FEELS the music. First, he can jump octaves like a gymnast, and, when he is going for the golden note, he closes his eyes and lands it body and soul. Meanwhile, Ben plays the keys like they were his soul, with each chord he caresses and note he sings, it feels as if all of it comes from his spirit. Last, but certainly not least, is Elliott whose own voice can smooth out the bumpiest road in your life. His vocals are sweetened seduction with an unplanned but deeply felt sense of passion, and, when he gets his guitar,  they only grow in prowess. Together, these men form a triumvirate of melodies, heart, and a sincere brotherhood.

Thirdstory’s concert will leave you gazing into the sky wondering if you raised your hand could you catch their vocal notes like a snowflake: each are crystal clear and with their own pattern of beauty. Moreover, these guys like each other, which may sound like a basic interest, but who does not enjoy seeing people get along. In between their jokes and songs, you feel encouraged and enthusiastic that such distinguishable talents have found each other and are eager to create with one another. For More Information On Thirdstory Click Here.