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Concert Review: Grace Mitchell Is My Inner Rock Goddess At Mercury Lounge

There are certain performers that you watch, and release your inner fierce or, at least, push you to go get some. Grace Mitchell is undeniably the Millennial Pat Benatar; she is feral on stage and clawing at love for its seeming “exchange” rate. Nowadays, people treat love as if it is a private commodity that few can own. Hence, track after track felt like a competition between MItchell’s “No F*CKS Given!” attitude and the accompanying guitar.
Grace Mitchell – Now

When you hear a guitar wine, it is literally like someone is pouring a drink into your ears and leaving you happily intoxicated. In tracks like “Jitter”, “Come Back For You”, and Kids (Ain’t All Right), made guitars bleed with emotion. Each song was an ode to feeling “off” about how you can give so much to a person, place, or thing, and walk away empty. In this world, the goodness you give does not need to be received, reciprocated, or rewarded. Should it be? Yeah! Will it? Frankly, thanks and love can be luxuries, which is why Mitchell’s persona is entrancing as a woman who has had ENOUGH with walking away with nothing compares to all she has given her relationships. With a laced, cat-suit she jumped and shook through songs “Rich”and “Borken Over You”  as if she was crackling away all the ingratitude and indifference she has ever been given. Of course, the idea of Grace Mitchell being told she is “less” or not “good enough” to “fit in” seem preposterous. She is the lioness of a pack, which that night was the crowd. She is such a leading force, and a command on stage, with how interpersonal she is with the crowd, I could not fathom how anyone could say “no” to her. With a darker-toned voice that could summon and steal heart for her bidding, she aims to thrill. Who could deny that?
<Grace Mitchell – NoLo (Official Video)

span style=”color: #800080; font-family: Georgia, Palatino;”>Grace Mitchell is the perfect act to see when you need to be reminded that even the fiercest of us can go through “things”. It is hard to remember that even “the good” or “the daring ” can be shut down, but part of the reason we all connect to music is because we need something to revive our inner bold. Grace Mitchell rejuvenates your inner rebel with music and a personality that screams ,“Forget Em! Don’t “fit in” with this world. Make this world “fit in” with you!” For More Information On Grace Mitchell Click Here.
Grace Mitchell – Kids (Ain’t All Right) (Fanzine/Lyric Video)